Comida de Gato Optimum Adulto 10 Kg


Comida de gato Optimum Adulto

Comida de Gato Optimum  Adulto Alimento balanceado sin colorantes ni aromas artificiales enriquecido con vitaminas y minerales. Asimismo, contribuye a un pH urinario ideal.

Además, se trata de un alimento balanceado con sabor a pollo equilibrado en proteínas, vitaminas y minerales.

Ingredientes de Comida de Gato Optimum  Adulto

OPTIMUM ™ es un producto elaborado con materias primas de alta calidad: pollo, fibras naturales y sin la adición de conservantes, colorantes o sabores artificiales.

comida de gato optimum adultocomida natural para gatos

Asimismo, fue desarrollado siguiendo las recomendaciones de WALTHAM ™, la mayor autoridad mundial en nutrición animal.

Comida de Gato Optimum

OPTIMUM es un alimento nutricionalmente completo y balanceado, desarrollado con el apoyo de profesionales especializados en nutrición y bienestar animal del Centro WALTHAM ™
 BIOAVAILABILITY cosas para gatos
All products within the OPTIMUM™ Wet Cat range have been developed with high quality protein sources to ensure excellent nutrient absorption and BIOAVAILABILITY. Meaning that high levels of nutrients are absorbed by the body so that your cat can get the most out of their food and more out of life.PRODUCT_DOG_HealthBenefits_0001s_0004_Green_SkinCoat.jpgSKIN & COAT HEALTH
The health of your cat’s skin comes from within. The  OPTIMUM™ range contains a combination of Omega 3 & 6 and zinc to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.


MADE IN AUSTRALIA comida gato buena
This OPTIMUM product has been developed with nutritionists and vets from WALTHAM™ – a world leading authority on pet care and nutrition. The OPTIMUM™ range has been developed using animal friendly research.

Crude Protein8.0 %Predicted ME60 kcal/100 g
Crude Fat3.5 %

Meat by-products and Meat (including Chicken, Sheep &/or Beef); Binder (including Gluten); Flavour; Plant Fibre; Gelling Agents; Minerals & Vitamins; Antioxidants; Colouring Agents; Taurine.

Daily Feeding Guide
2 -3 kg2 – 3
4-5 kg3 1/2 – 4 1/2
6+ kg5+


When feeding both OPTIMUM™  dry and wet food, simply halve the recommended quantities of each product. Approximate daily feeding amount only.


OPTIMUM™  1+ years provides a complete diet for adult cats. It meets the nutritional levels as established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrition Profile for Adult Cat Maintenance.

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